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Down Syndrome Lives Matter

By now the┬áreport recently published by CBS news regarding Iceland’s eradication of down syndrome births has been well circulated. Social media and other reporting networks have responded with varying positions on the...

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Babywise 6 Month Schedule Through 12 Months – Sample Daily Routine

If you’re struggling to get your 6-12 month old baby to take good naps or sleep well at night, it’s a miserable battle. You’re exhausted, they’re exhausted, and nobody is doing well. Getting your baby on a routine may be just what they need to help their sleeping habits! Both of our daughters took two long naps each day and slept 11-12 hours straight at night at 6 months old.

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Yesterday was a very difficult day. It was one of those days that made me question everything – my purpose, my identity, and the role that God has called me to as mom. The kitchen counter was littered with dirty dishes....

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