Babysitter Information Sheet Printable – Free!

It can be difficult to remember to leave all of the information that you need to for a babysitter! Having a babysitter info sheet (or nanny information sheet) can ease a lot of your stress. With all of the essential details including your contact information and emergency contact information, you can rest assured that your child’s needs are being met and that you will be easily reached if needed.

If you’re anything like me, it can be hard to think through all of the details of your child’s needs before heading out for an evening (or day). Especially when I had “new” newborns who needed many feedings and naps throughout the day, it was a difficult task to sit down and think through each little detail that I needed to leave with anyone who might be watching them while I was away. My mind was usually preoccupied trying to prepare MYSELF to be away, and it was a lot to also think through all of the details that a sitter needed.

Sometimes little tools can go a long way in alleviating some stress – so that’s why I created this free printable babysitter info sheet! It’s simple, but has a space for all of the essential details to be sure you don’t leave anything out when you’re rushing to leave the house. 

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If your child has specific schedule needs (like feedings or bedtime) there is a schedule portion to easily list each item. Also included is a contact info section to list your cell phone number(s) and the address where you will be if you would need to be reached for any reason. Additionally, there is a section to list an emergency contact if you cannot be reached for any reason and a general notes section for other instructions or details.

This babysitter notes template is available to download with the headings “While We’re Away…” and “While I’m Away…”. 

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I recommend printing out multiple copies so you can fill one out each time the babysitter comes, laminating the printable, or framing it in a document frame to use with a dry erase marker. (Make sure you purchase a document frame if you do this since they are sized 8.5 x 11 inches rather than a standard 8 x 10 inches.) If you choose to laminate or frame this nanny information sheet you can easily write in your cell phone number(s), your emergency contact information, and any other permanent notes (such as food allergies) before the laminating or framing so that you have even less to fill in each time you are out!

You can download the babysitter notes template with the links below:

While We’re Away Babysitter Info Sheet

While I’m Away Babysitter Info Sheet

Whether you’re a new momma who’s overwhelmed by the thought of leaving your baby with all of their detailed needs or a seasoned momma who just likes an organized way to leave information, then I hope that this child information sheet is helpful to you!

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Babysitter Information Sheet Printable – Free!