Preschool Chore Chart To Print

If you’re stuck trying to come up with chore chart ideas for preschoolers or just need a weekly chore chart for tracking, download and print this free printable chore chart for 4 year old or 5 year old kiddos. (You can use it for any age child – especially the blank version, but the picture icons and chore ideas are specific to 4 or 5 year olds.)

I’m probably way behind on this, but we just started establishing a chore pattern for our 4 (almost 5) year old daughter around the house. We wanted her to start learning some responsibility since she is definitely capable of helping with some daily and weekly tasks at her age! Our daughter is BIG on structure and very self-motivated so we knew that creating a chart where she could track progress toward a goal would be a great way to start motivating and holding her accountable for the completion of some chores.

I started creating a chart by brainstorming different types of chores that our daughter is capable of completing. Some she had already done on occasion, some were new ideas that just came to me, and some were ideas that I stole from other moms with kids around her age. After I had a list of chores for her to complete on a daily, weekly, and as needed basis I brainstormed a format for the chart and then designed it with icons so it is easy for her to use on her own without being able to read. 

Our daughter took to the chart with a lot of initial excitement! We hung it on the wall in an 8×10 picture frame so that she can use dry erase markers to put “x”s in as she completes each chore.

In this post I’m going to break down what each chart icon represents and how the format of the chart works on a weekly basis. At the bottom of the post you can download the filled or blank version of the chart for your own use!

How To Use The Picture Chore Chart For 4 Year Old & 5 Year Old Kids

Picture of a kids chore chart

Using this picture chore chart is easy! You can print several copies and mark your child’s progress right on the paper chart, you can laminate it and use dry erase markers on it (we love our Amazon Basic’s laminator for all kids of things like this!), or you can frame it in an 8×10 photo frame like we do and use dry erase markers on it to wipe clean each week.

This chart has each daily chore listed with an icon down the furthest left column and days of the week indicated by a letter across the top. Each day of the week daily chores that are completed can be marked with an “x” (or sticker if you’re using the chart on paper) in the column for that day of the week. One weekly chore is then listed under each day of the week beneath the rows for daily chores. There is a space for one “x” (or sticker) under each weekly chore so it can be filled if completed on the day that it’s column aligns with. I did not include a weekly chore on Saturdays or Sundays.

In a separate grid at the bottom of the chart there are two rows for “as needed” chores. These chores have many grid spaces for “x”s or stickers so that whenever the chore is completed throughout the week it can be marked. Sometimes multiple “x”s can be earned for these chores within one week.

Included Chore Chart Ideas For Preschoolers

The icons that are included in the printable chore chart represent the below chores. You can download and print the filled chart that includes each of these chore ideas as formatted or, if you want to use the same chore ideas in a different order, you can print the filled chart and cut out each icon to glue onto a copy of the blank chore chart template. 

Chore Chart Icon - Broom

Sweep the kitchen floor under the table

(Our daughter does this with a small hand-held broom and dust pan.)

Chore Chart Icon - Dishes

Clear dishes from the table after dinner

Chore Chart Icon - Table

Wipe the table after dinner

(We keep a rag hanging on the back of the pantry door at our daughter’s height so she can wet it on her own at the bathroom sink.)

Chore Chart Icon - Block Tower

Clean up the playroom toys

Chore Chart Icon - Bed

Make the bed

Chore Chart Icon - Flower

 Water the flowers

(Our daughter fills a plastic cup at the bathroom sink to water a few of the large outdoor flower pots with.)

Chore Chart Icon - Trash Can

Empty the bathroom trash cans

(Our daughter takes a big trash bag around to dump the bathroom cans into or brings them down to dump into the larger kitchen trash can. She also puts new grocery bag liners into the emptied cans on her own!)

Chore Chart Icon - Duster


(Our daughter has her own small dusting mitt hanging on the back of the pantry door that she puts on to wipe the dust off of some shelves.)

Chore Chart Icon - Mop

Mop the kitchen floor

(I help our daughter attach the cloth to a Swiffer mop and she wipes it across the kitchen floor. Swiffer mops actually have removable links in the handle so you can adjust the height of them for a child to use!)

Chore Chart Icon - Toys On Mat

Clean up the bedroom

Chore Chart Icon - Sink

Wipe bathroom sinks

(Our daughter has a rag hanging at her height on the back of the pantry door that she can wet in the sink and use to wipe the counter surfaces and inside of each bathroom sink.)

Chore Chart Icon - Hanging Clothes

Take folded laundry up to bedrooms

(Our daughter carries piles of laundry after I fold them up to her closet and to her sister’s closet.)

Chore Chart Icon - Groceries

Help to put away groceries

(Our daughter is great at helping to put grocery items into the pantry and even the refrigerator after shopping trips.)

Download The Free Printable Preschool Chore Chart 

You can download the free printable preschool chore chart with picture icons and without below:



I hope that you find the chart a helpful tool for your own routines with your preschooler!

Free Chore Chart Pin Image

Preschool Chore Chart To Print