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This is one post in a series of periodic posts to focus on the word and work of Christ. I am a sinner saved by grace, and this series is simply a window into some of the scriptures and truths that God is using to grow me through this journey of life. Since becoming a...

Why We Bought a Minivan When I Swore I Never Would

We are a small one child family without any more currently on the way. We are also a one car family and owned a low maintenance, relatively low mileage, and sporty 2010 Corolla. I was adamant for years that I would never be a minivan mom. However, this weekend we took...


Poetry is one of my hobbies, a way of expressing my soul especially during painful or difficult times. The below is a poem I wrote during the worst of the nausea with Ellie's pregnancy... View more Learning Momma Poetry: My Prayer Glory

About Me

Hi there! I’m Holly. I am a previous business woman, now stay at home mom to my sweet one year old daughter Elyse. Ever since Ellie joined my husband and I to make us a little family, I’ve found myself in a season of constant learning. This blog is simply to share my...