This is one post in a series of periodic posts to focus on the word and work of Christ. I am a sinner saved by grace, and this series is simply a window into some of the scriptures and truths that God is using to grow me through this journey of life.

Pursuing Christ as a Motherhood, New Mom Looking to God, Christian Motherhood

Since becoming a mother I have struggled with the motivation to focus on or immerse myself in scripture. I find ample time to blog, watch Netflix, or work on my other writing pursuits, but sitting down with my Bible has wavered in its appeal to my selfish and distracted heart. Yet I know that is where my true strength lies in this new and often weary season.

This verse convicted me of my lazy approach to God’s word and work on this Earth. My pursuits are not sinful activities and my goals not bad to pursue, but how empty they are in light of eternity! How easy it is for me to pour myself into trivial ambitions in an effort to build my stability, happiness, and wealth in this world – but it all will pass away.

My soul fades away like the sun-scorched grass when I pour my focus only into these things.

How thankful I am for grace, for God’s patient and redeeming love that saves his children’s hearts so prone to wander. How thankful I am for His conviction and redirection of my heart. How thankful I am for his steadfast hand that holds me as I muddle forward in this life!

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