My Daily SAHM Schedule With Two Toddlers

Figuring out how to best fill your days as a stay at home mom is hard. There is often nothing that HAS to get done, and yet a million things that have to get done. No one forces you to finish anything or go anywhere, and yet the well-being of your family and home depend on what you do with your days. Coming up with a mom schedule to get everything done, invest in your kids, and take care of yourself can seem like an impossible task. I mean, how do you turn empty days of endless tasks and options into a functioning daily routine?

When I first became a stay at home mom I REALLY struggled with establishing a mom routine. Without anyone to answer to for my work and no structure required of me by an employer I had no idea how to fill my days, despite the mountain of household tasks that needed to be done. I took care of my children’s needs and tended to the essentials of the home, but I didn’t do any of it in a systematic way and I let go of taking care of myself. 

Some of my lack of a stay at home mom daily schedule was simply how it had to be because of factors like being extremely sick with pregnancy and young babies needing naps throughout the day, etc. (There are seasons for just surviving!) However, some of my lack of routine was because I didn’t adjust well to filling my days with my own structure rather than having it dictated for me.

With a little bit of help to look closely at what I prioritize in my days (and now that my children are 1 and 3), I’ve finally established a stay at home schedule that has myself, the kids, and the home, thriving more than we ever have. It’s nothing magical (and maybe doesn’t even always prioritize the right things) but implementing this schedule has helped me to feel healthy and alive (and therefore more productive with the needs of our home) and my children to enjoy outings to interact with other kids and learn.

In this post I’m going to outline the stay at home mom activities that fill my weekdays each week. This is just a sample of what works for ME – in case it helps you if you are struggling with how to fill your days. (Or what works for you might be something completely different!) The details below are for my season with a 1 (almost 18 month) year old and 3 year old at home. I’m certain it will all continue to evolve and shift as the kids get older and our season of life changes, but for now here’s a peak at our days!

My Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule:

7:30ish am – The kids and I wake up for the day. I help our oldest go potty, diaper the youngest, and get them both cups of milk. I typically also spend some time prepping to be out for the morning.

8:00-12:00ish – We run errands or go on an outing. Typically we go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, go grocery shopping on Tuesdays, and take a trip to the library on Thursdays. If we are going to the gym we leave the house at 8am to beat the rush there and the kids eat dry cereal for breakfast in the van. We usually get back in time that I get some dishes or laundry done before lunch. If we are headed to grocery shop or to the library we usually have a more leisurely start to the day and we will all eat breakfast at home. 

11:30ish – We eat lunch! If it’s a gym day the kids might play at home for a bit before lunch and we eat around 11:30. If it’s a grocery store or library day I typically pack lunch along and give it to the kids in the van on the way home since both of those activities stretch a little bit later.

1:00-3:30pm – This is the kids’ nap time and my ME time. Our oldest takes books up to her bed and often reads and then falls asleep at least for a portion of the time. Our youngest typically naps this whole stretch (or sometimes a little bit longer). This is when I shower, spend some time in my Bible, and either nap myself a bit or work on my blogs.

3:30-5:00pm – We just enjoy time at home. The kids will play and I often make dinner, fold laundry, catch up on dishes or do some housework. Of course there are also days when I just play with them or relax while they play!

5:00-6:00pm – Somewhere in this time range we typically eat dinner. It’s not uncommon that I will just feed the kids at this time and my husband and I will eat after they’re in bed – but if possible we try to sit down and eat together.

6:00-7:00pm – Usually the kids will enjoy playing with Daddy during this time period and I will work on cleaning up dinner. We don’t do daily baths, but if it’s a bath night we do that during this time as well.

7:00pm – The kids go to bed. We do potty/diapers, pajamas, and teeth and the kids go down for the night.

7:00-? – Time for me to spend with my husband, prep for the next day, work on my blogs, chip away at projects, relax and watch tv, etc. Many days I just need this time to unwind, but it can also be really productive time for me to work on my blogs or accomplish bigger projects that are hard to do when the kids are awake.

Note: When our youngest still took a morning nap (until about 15 months old), we didn’t get out each morning. Instead of going to the grocery store and library in the mornings during that season we squeezed it in after nap time. However, I tried to task myself with things each morning at home. I created a free printable to give myself daily goals that you can download and use here if it interests you. 

Before I began to implement the above SAHM schedule for myself, I rarely invested time into my own physical or spiritual well-being. Since adding those pieces into my day in a routine way, I have seen a BIG difference in my outlook toward and productivity in the other parts of my day. What fuels each of us is very different, but I had to throw a note about that in here to encourage any other mom who feels like you’ve lost yourself since becoming a stay at home mom. I would highly encourage you to find something that fuels you to add into your daily routine so that you have energy to pour out into all of the other demands required of you. For me it was things as basic as making sure I was showering, getting exercise, and spending time in my Bible regularly.

Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job I’ve ever done. One of the many challenges is figuring out how to structure your days so that you are caring for all of the needs of your family and home, as well as your own. I hope that this glimpse at my mom routine helps to give you some ideas so that you can build a routine that keeps you and your family running smoothly!

schedule for stay at home mom with toddler

Schedule For Stay At Home Mom With Toddlers