Stay At Home Mom Weekly Task Planning Template

Let me just start by saying that if you’re looking for a stay at home mom schedule with specific hour-by-hour tasks or a detailed stay at home mom cleaning schedule, then this template is not for you! (You can read my post with some of those details here.) If you are looking for a stay at home mom daily schedule template that’s loose to work with your crazy life while still adding some organization, then this free printable to do list pdf IS for you.

I am not an organized stay at home mom – but I’m working on it. I created this weekly to do list printable in conjunction with matching meal planning and grocery list printables, blank monthly calendar printables, and mail bin labels to try to bring more organization to our home as well as to help me stay motivated to accomplish things around the house.

If you are anything like me, finding motivation for home tasks as a stay at home mom is hard! Without any planning I just don’t seem to be able to motivate myself to get moving each day or accomplish the right priorities. I am a very detailed planner when it comes to my children’s schedules and needs, but when it comes to my home and my own agenda I struggle.

I knew if I tried to follow an extremely detailed housework schedule or cleaning regimen that I would fail from the start due to overwhelm, but I wanted to learn how to get better at taking care of my home. In an effort to make progress, I started to choose just one task around the house each day as a goal to accomplish and I would focus on completing just that item. Doing this, as simple as it sounds, made a huge difference in my days and the state of my home! Sometimes just starting with one task then helped to fuel my motivation to complete other projects around the house as well.

Because this approach made such a big difference for me, I decided to keep myself just a little bit more organized by creating this weekly to do list planner printable. The template includes a blank box for each weekday, divided into “DO” and “GO”. The simple worksheet has helped tremendously to organize my weeks!

Each week (usually Monday mornings) I sit down and take about 10-15 minutes to jot down a rough plan for my week. It’s usually very basic – like on Monday I will DO my meal planning and GO to the grocery store. Maybe Tuesday I will DO laundry and GO to the library. Some days I don’t go anywhere, but I like to make sure I have at least one objective written down to focus on each day – whether it’s meal planning, tending to the garden, doing laundry, cleaning a specific room, or catching up on dishes. If there are any specific things going on during the week that I don’t want to forget I also use the notes section to jot them down.

This is a simple template, but just a few minutes of planning can go a long way! (At least it has for me.)

I’ve included both an 8×10 and 8.5×11 size of this weekly planning printable for download below. I use the 8×10 version (this one does not include a border) and have it framed on my kitchen wall as pictured below (the top right frame).

home printables

Each week I use dry erase marker to plan out my tasks for the week so I don’t need to stress out about re-printing copies. If you prefer to use printed copies and hang on the fridge or a wall, just use the 8.5×11 version and print as many as you need!

This stay at home mom schedule printable is designed in a light purple and teal watercolor theme to match some of my other home organization printables. You can download those printables with the below links:

Download your free stay at home mom weekly task planning printable below!

Please note – the 8×10 version does not include a border for a better framed appearance. Also, if your printer does not support margin-less printing, then the 8.5×11 version will print without the border as well.

The 8×10 version prints to standard 8.5×11 computer paper but is marked with a border to trim to an 8×10 size.

Download the 8×10 weekly planning template here.

Download the 8.5×11 weekly planning template here.

If you are stay at home mom struggling to motivate yourself or develop a working routine, it’s my hope that this printable template can serve you as it has me!

Free Weekly Planner Template

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Stay At Home Mom Weekly Task Planning Template