T Rex Coloring Page Printable

Dinosaur coloring pages can be quite the hit with young kids, especially boys! If you’ve been searching for a t rex coloring page that’s free to download and print with no strings attached then you’ve come to the right place.

I run a second business where I illustrate, design, and produce spiral-bound products. One of my hit products (especially with kids) are little doodle book and 10-color pen sets. Each book features an illustrated cover and contains blank pages for kids to doodle on. When I first introduced the doodle book sets most of my illustrated covers were for girls. I had flowers, unicorns, princesses, and more. I had one design for boys that I kind of threw together just to have one.

I learned that the designs for boys sold pretty well and I even got asked if I had any other boy designs! Therefore, I decided to draw a tyrannosaurus rex to put on a cover. It was quickly a hit.

Since I already had a t rex drawn for the sake of my doodle book sets, I thought I’d share it with my readers here to use as a coloring page!


This free t-rex coloring page was hand-drawn with an Apple pencil on an Ipad. (Only the letter “D” included on some of the page variations was not hand-illustrated.)

I’ve included 3 variations of the page available as a printable download.

Simply click on the “PRINT” link under each t rex coloring page below to get a pdf version to send to your printer!

coloring page of 2 t rex dinosaurs


t rex coloring page with the letter D


dinosaur coloring page with a t rex and footprint


Whether you’re working on learning the letter “D” for dinosaur with your little one or you simply have a child that loves anything t-rex, I hope that you find these coloring pages fun and helpful! 

Download and print them as many times as you want – with no strings attached.

Happy coloring!

Pinterest image of 3 dinosaur coloring pages

T-Rex Coloring Page To Print