Toddler Toys To Buy As Gifts For 2 Year Old Girl

Are you searching for what to buy a 2 year old for her birthday or another special occasion? Look no further! 2 year old girls could probably be pleased with any fascinating object, but you can still score big points by purchasing something age and gender specific. The toys for 2 year old girls and gift items listed below are ones that my own 2 year old loves, so I can confidently say that they are great for little girls that age!

2 year olds are exploding with their knowledge of the world around them. They can marvel at the simplest little pieces of life – like an airplane flying over them in the sky or a car driving down the road. Most of them are just learning to verbalize their thoughts and refine their physical movement by doing things like going up and down the stairs on their own or learning to run and jump. Our 2 year old is also full of imaginary play!

You can learn more about 2 year olds’ development and milestones from Parent’s Magazine HERE.

It’s hard to think of any objects for 2 year old birthday gifts that wouldn’t captivate their curiosity or encourage their budding physical development. However, there are some age appropriate gifts for 2 year olds that may still be preferred by their little minds and hands over the course of many days and months. Our daughter can be captivated by most anything for a day or two, but there are some toys that she keeps coming back to week after week for fun play!

If you’re trying to figure out what to buy a 2 year old for her birthday (or another special occasion), good toys for 2 year old girls range from basic arts and crafts supplies to educational books or outdoor water stations.

Below are my top recommendations of gifts for 2 year old girls based on my own daughter’s enjoyment of each one. I’m confident that these toys for 2 year old girls will also light up the face of the little girl you are purchasing for!

Each gift idea featured below also includes a link to Amazon in the title and by clicking each picture for easy purchasing.

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Best Toddler Toys For 2 Year Old Girls:

1. Crayons & Coloring Books

Toys For 2 Year Old Girls   Gifts For 2 Year Old Girl

If you’re looking for very affordable gifts for 2 year old girls, you can’t go wrong with a box of crayons and/or a coloring book! 2 year olds are fascinated by the process of coloring and sometimes even more so by the variety of colors that they can independently choose!

Side Note: When I first approached the idea of getting crayons for our 2 year old I was very worried that she would end up scribbling all over the walls and floors. I got her washable crayons designed just for toddlers – and I was so glad I did! She did in fact color on a few walls, but it washed off using a Clorox wipe without any trouble at all! If you’re worried about scribbles outside of a coloring book or paper, I highly recommend these washable toddler crayons.

2. Cleaning Supplies Or Toy Vacuum

Toys For 2 Year Old Girls     Gifts for 2 year old girls

It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t last into the teenage years, but toddler girls love to help clean! When my 2 year old helps me clean it makes the task take three times as long, but she sure does have a good time doing it. We bought her the above cleaning set for her 2nd birthday and she has thoroughly enjoyed it – specifically the spray bottle and the broom. (We fill the spray bottle with a little bit of water for her and it functions just like a typical cleaning bottle.)

There are also sturdier cleaning sets available like this one by Melissa & Doug, but most of those sets do not come with the spray bottle which has been a huge hit for our 2 year old.

When we visit Grandma’s house our daughter gets to play with a toy vacuum as well and she completely lights up! Toddler girls want to be grown up and do things that they see mommy (or another caretaker) doing, so they are bound to love having a vacuum of their own to use when mommy does.

3. Books

Toys For 2 Year Old Girls   Gifts For 2 Year Old Girl

Our 2 year old LOVES to “read” books. She takes them off of her shelf and plops herself down on the floor wherever I am to flip through the pages and babble away. Every now and then I hear a tangible word or phrase! She has enjoyed books since she was a baby, but at 2 years old she has just begun to really enjoy books with paper pages (instead of the board books that most babies enjoy.)

I can’t say that our daughter is very picky about which books she enjoys, so you probably can’t go wrong with just about any title. However, if you want a high quality book with a cute story and the most adorable illustrations I’ve ever seen in a kids book, I highly recommend any of the Old Bear Series of books by Jane Hissey. If you’re looking for books that teach good character lessons for little minds then I highly recommend the Bearenstein Bears Series of books. They have an extensive collection that teaches underlying lessons on everything from sibling fights and lying to practical things like visiting the dentist.

4. Play-Doh & Accessories

Toys For 2 Year Old Girls  Gifts For 2 Year Old Girl

Play-doh is another new wonder for our 2 year old daughter. Prior to 2 years of age I didn’t trust her not to eat it if I allowed her to play with it, though some kids might do okay with it a little bit younger. However, as a 2 year old she has no problem with eating the play-doh and she thoroughly enjoys playing with it! The colors don’t remain unmixed for long, but she still begs to play with her play-doh almost every day.

I can’t think of too many 2 year olds in the world who would not find immense enjoyment from a few containers of play-doh and some fun accessories!

5. Stuffed Animals

 Toys For 2 Year Old GirlsGifts For 2 Year Old Girl

Soon after our daughter turned 2 I found an old bin full of TY Beanie Babies that I had collected as a kid. She has always enjoyed stuffed animals, but having such a variety of cute little cuddly animals is a HUGE hit with her! Every day she takes a pile of them to her bed when she sleeps and she wakes up talking to and playing with them. During the day she changes the diaper on her little Beanie Baby teddy bear and tries to put her baby sister’s clothes on it! The Beanie Babies have also been teaching our 2 year old recognition of many different animals which was an unexpected perk!

We love the TY Beanie Babies, but any cuddly stuffed animal is bound to be a hit with a 2 year old girl.

6. Little People Toys

2 year old birthday gifts  Age appropriate toys for 2 year olds

2 year olds have budding imaginations and are still absorbing everyday objects around them, so Little People toys captivate them on multiple levels! Little People toys feature miniature plastic people and animals with different settings or transportation vehicles like a house, school bus, airplane, barn, and more. The little people fit into specific indents in the toys and toddlers can have fun acting out life with them as they move them around each setting.

Our 2 year old daughter has the school bus pictured above (in yellow) and also loves that the door opens on the side and it plays music and makes sounds.

7. Play Kitchen & Accessories

2 year old birthday gifts Age appropriate toys for 2 year olds

Toddler girls love to try to be little mommies or caretakers. They like to independently mimic what they see the adults in their life doing. For example, our 2 year old daughter loves to change her teddy bear’s diaper, feed her stuffed animals snacks, take her baby dolls for walks in the stroller, or sweep up the kitchen with her broom. Naturally, this love to mimic also translates to the kitchen. (What a wonder of gadgets and processes that place holds!)

Toddlers love to open and shut all of the little doors on a play kitchen and concoct their own “yummy” food. With all of the accessories available for play kitchens there’s no shortage to the fun their little independent minds can have!

8. Puzzles

2 year old birthday gifts  Age appropriate toys for 2 year olds

Puzzles both encourage a 2 year old’s mental development and provide hours of entertainment. 2 year olds do not tire of placing the same pieces in and out of a puzzle multiple times over. Wooden puzzles with pegged pieces are perfect for little minds and hands – and as an added perk some wooden puzzles even focus on numbers and letters!

We have the farm puzzle pictured above and our daughter loves to repeatedly dump it and place the pieces back in, saying each animal sound as she does it. At her grandparents she has an alphabet puzzle like the one pictured above that is still a little bit too hard for her to accomplish on her own. However, that means that there are still many more months of enjoyment left to it!

You can’t go wrong with a wooden puzzle for a 2 year old girl.

9. Baby Dolls & Accessories

2 year old birthday gifts  Age appropriate toys for 2 year olds

2 year old girls love to play mommy or caretaker. What better way to do that than with their own little baby to nurture? 2 year old girls love baby dolls. They also love any “real life” accessories to go with them so that they can care for their own baby like they are being cared for (or a younger sibling is).

There are many varieties of baby dolls on the market. 2 year olds still enjoy soft or cloth baby dolls, but a more realistic looking baby doll is a little bit more age appropriate. There are also dolls on the market that can be fed and have wet diapers to be changed. However, speaking for other mommies and caretakers out there, do we really want to change MORE diapers?

10. Plastic Slide

2 year old birthday gifts

Even if you’re shopping for what to buy a 2 year old for her birthday over the winter, don’t forget some of the fun outdoor toys! Small plastic slides are a hit with 2 year olds because they can climb them and go down independently. Plastic toddle slides can also be used indoors over the winter. Our 2 year old girl loves to send her dolls and stuffed animals flying down the slide when it’s inside!  

11. Tricycle

Age appropriate toys for 2 year olds

Tricycles may be a little bit ahead when it comes to age appropriate toys for 2 year olds, but they are a great way for 2 year olds to begin learning the concept of pedaling a bike. 2 year old toddlers are not likely to be able to propel a tricycle by pedaling just yet, but most tricycles are a size that a 2 year old can easily sit on and scoot themselves around until they discover the ability to pedal.

Our daughter was given a tricycle similar to the one above for her second birthday and she loves to load the little trunk on the back and scoot around on it!

12. Swimming Pool Or Sprinkler

Practical gifts for 2 year olds Gifts for 2 year old girl Toddler Toys

I can’t imagine a 2 year old who doesn’t light up at the idea of outdoor water play. Again, if you’re shopping for what to buy a 2 year old for her birthday over the winter, don’t forget about summer fun! Toddler swimming pools and sprinklers bring HOURS of entertainment to a 2 year old. They can sit and splash in a pool, fill and dump buckets and cups in it, or wade and play with toys. Some toddler swimming pools even come with a wading pool, built in sprinkler, and slide, like the one above!

Sprinklers are another summer time favorite for 2 year olds. Toddlers love to run around in the water to cool off on a hot day!

13. Sidewalk Chalk

Practical gifts for 2 year olds

You don’t have to break the bank to please a 2 year old, so if you’re looking for a very budget-friendly gift go with sidewalk chalk! Like crayons and coloring books, sidewalk chalk fosters a 2 year old‘s budding imagination while encouraging them to get some fresh air. It’s a win-win!

14. Shape Sorting Toys

Practical gifts for 2 year olds  Gifts for 2 year old girl

Shape sorting toys may seem more baby-like than a 2 year old girl would like, but it is actually right around 2 years old that they are able to start really coordinating the shapes and enjoying these! Our toddler likes to say the name of each shape as she searches for the appropriate hole for it. She still gets some of them wrong as a 2 year old but has a lot of fun with it! She can repeat and be entertained by the process of dumping one of these toys and putting the shapes back in it over and over again.

There are even more complex shape sorter toys on the market like the bus pictured above to foster imaginative play as well!

15. Kitchen Helper

Toddler Toys Gifts for 2 year old girl

This is not necessarily a toy, but it would top the list of practical gifts for 2 year olds. A Kitchen Helper is basically a sophisticated stool that allows a young toddler to stand at the counter in the kitchen safely. Most Kitchen Helpers have some kind of enclosure around the stool that prevents a toddler from falling down. Many of them also have adjustable heights, steps, and fun designs.

Our 2 year old daughter was given one of these as a gift and she uses it every day to “make” her sandwich at lunch and sometimes to help mommy bake. Kitchen Helpers are a great way to help 2 year olds start learning how to accomplish some kitchen tasks independently as well as to allow them to just be part of what their caretaker is doing throughout the day.

16. Mega Bloks

Toddler Toys

Mega Bloks aren’t just for boys! They are one of our 2 year old daughter’s favorite activities. She loves to build towers (with adult help) that are “high to the sky” and then knock them over and do it all again!

2 year olds are fascinated by things that fit together (like puzzles) and equally fascinated by anything that can be built or knocked over for fun. Mega Bloks are an age appropriate introduction to Legos for a 2 year old. The blocks are large enough for them to easily put them together themselves and there is just enough variety for them to begin learning how different shaped blocks fit together.

If you want the gift of Mega Bloks to be a little bit more “girly” you can even find pink multicolor sets of them!


If you’re searching for what to buy a 2 year old for her birthday or another special occasion, then I hope that this list was helpful to you! I’m no expert and there are many more toys on the market. Many of them I am sure would bring a smile to a little toddler girl’s face! However, these are some tried and tested favorites that our 2 year old loves!

Toys for 2 year old girls

Toddler Toys To Buy As Gifts For 2 Year Old Girl