Digitally Hand-Drawn Free Printable Christmas Cards

Free printable Christmas cards are a great way to enhance your gifts this holiday season! Free Christmas cards may sound too good to be true, but if you have a home printer and some card stock they’re both cost-effective and easy. 

Printable Christmas cards can rival store-bought cards and be ready in an instant. In addition, templates for printable cards can be resized so you can create coordinating gift tags or other stationary as well. If you need a quick cute card for one of your last minute gifts, then a printable Christmas card may be just the solution you’re looking for!

In this post I’m going to share with you how I developed these digitally hand-illustrated Christmas tree card designs and I’m going to share with you links to download the printable Christmas card templates in two different sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a card for personal use or for your small business or another application, scroll down to learn more about and download this cute Christmas tree and holly Christmas card.

My Last-Minute Christmas Card

I was putting together gifts this morning for teachers and babysitters. I had collected the items to include in the gifts over the last several weeks and had all of the bags and tissue paper that I needed. However, as I was assembling the gifts I realized that I didn’t have Christmas cards to include!

I didn’t want to give gifts without a personal touch and my own message of appreciation this holiday season, but I also didn’t feel like making a trip to the store in the frigid cold with kids in tow just to get a few Christmas cards.

So I decided to make my own printable Christmas cards as the finishing touch for my gifts!

I run a business selling spiral bound products and had previously illustrated a Christmas tree for the cover of one of the books in my shop. I thought it would make the perfect Christmas card cover! So I resized it and added some digitally hand-drawn holly and some text.

I printed the design out on some heavy card stock, cut it to size, and folded it to make a beautiful Christmas card to include in each of my gifts. It was quick, easy, and didn’t require a trip to the store!

I decided I might not be the only person out there looking for a last minute Christmas card solution, so I’m excited to offer you the card as well to print for an extra touch to any of your Christmas gifts – whether you’re last minute like me or prepping well ahead of time!

How To Download And Use

This free printable Christmas card is available to download as a PDF in both a 3.5 x 5” size and a 5 x 7″ size. Each download includes a document with two pages. Set your printer to print double-sided and make sure to click “Long-edge binding” if it’s an available option. Make sure to also print on your printer’s highest quality setting and at 100% size.

I recommend printing the card to a 60-110 lb. card stock if you have it available.

Once your Christmas card has printed just cut it out along the light guidelines that print and fold it in half! (I have a personal paper cutter that I use to get extra straight cuts, but the document will print with light guidelines that you can follow with a scissors as well.) The card features a single-fold design so you only need to fold it in half after you cut.

After printing, cutting, and folding your card is ready to write in and use!

A Few Notes:

  • I had some extra thank you card envelopes laying around at home that I was able to put the cards in, but they can also be used without an envelope.
  • If you want to make a cute gift tag out of the document instead of printing it to use as a card, simply size it down when you print and cut out only the tree side of the design. Punch a hole in the top and you have cute hand-illustrated tags!
  • (This card is only available with the message of “Merry Christmas” rather than happy holidays or season’s greetings because it’s important to me that we remember the reason for the season!)

I hope that you find this Christmas card design helpful!

Below are the print-ready PDF templates:

3.5 x 5 inch PDF file 

5 x 7 inch PDF file

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas! Happy gift-giving with a free printable Christmas card featuring a digitally hand-illustrated Christmas tree and festive holiday holly.

Christmas card with Christmas tree and Holly with title

Spread Your Holiday Cheer and Christmas Greetings With A Free Printable Christmas Card