Hi there! I’m Holly.

I am a previous business woman, now stay at home mom to 3 sweet little girls. Ever since our oldest daughter joined my husband and I to make us a little family, I’ve found myself in a season of constant learning. This blog is simply to share my journey of learning. It’s not a publication of all the right answers, ways, or structures, but a documentation of what I’m learning and experiencing as I navigate this new and uncharted journey. No one family is the same. So this is just my heart, my growing pains, my practical lessons learned, and my venture into the vast and unsteady world of motherhood.

My passion is to write and create, my season is motherhood, and my heart belongs to Jesus Christ. So this blog is a small taste of it all. I have been served by many other bloggers as I have transitioned into motherhood and my hope is to encourage or serve others the same.

Thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to sharing a little bit of life with you!