Baby Milestone Cards To Print In An Elegant Floral Design

I’ve always used baby month stickers to celebrate monthly milestones with each of my babies. Baby month stickers. They are a fun way to commemorate each “birthday” of your baby within their first year with monthly baby pictures. They are usually big round stickers that you slap on your baby’s belly and then lay them on a backdrop to snap some pictures with.

We were diligent to use monthly baby stickers with both of my daughters and I’m so glad that we were! When my oldest daughter turned one it was fun to compile all of the monthly baby pictures together and look back at her growth throughout the year. My husband even used them along with many other photos and videos to create a video of my daughter’s whole first year. In the video you can easily note her age in the progression of pictures because it is marked by each of the photos where the baby month stickers were used.

We of course spread our monthly baby pictures all over social media to share with friends and family as well. I also used the photos with the baby month stickers (along with many other photos) to create a photo book for my oldest daughter’s first year.

There are many fun ways to use these types of monthly baby pictures!

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What I didn’t really realize in the many times that we snapped pictures with baby month stickers was that there is a trending alternative that can give those monthly baby pictures a different look. Instead of belly stickers, you can take your monthly baby pictures with milestone cards!

In many cases, using monthly milestone cards instead of belly stickers can be much cheaper and easier to do!

Instead of purchasing several sheets of stickers, you can simply purchase a cheap printable download of the design for your monthly milestone cards and use a frame you have at home or purchase a cheap one to coordinate. (I like these frames from Amazon.) Even if you purchase the design and a frame it is cheaper than most belly sticker packages available!

In terms of being easier to use, I can attest to this firsthand! Let me just say that in the later months of her first year it was quite a challenge to snap those monthly baby pictures before my daughter ripped the sticker off of her belly. Using monthly milestone cards eliminates this struggle! (Although it may be a struggle to keep your baby from moving too far away from the sign instead!)

I still like baby belly stickers. I think they can be a fun way to capture your baby’s first year milestones in monthly baby pictures. But if you’re not into using stickers or want to try something with a different look, then using monthly milestone cards may be for you!

I just added some new designs to my printables collection for celebrating baby’s monthly progress with a different flair than belly stickers.

Here’s a closer look at the baby milestone cards with a light green and floral design:


Baby Milestone Cards - Green & Floral

I have several other designs available in my shop. However, this specific set of milestone cards features an elegant floral and light green design. Each card has the same floral pattern and colors for unity, with a bold monthly number to be sure that it shows up well in the monthly baby pictures.

These cards are 4 x 6 in size so that they can easily fit into any standard photo frame that you already have at home. Simply print them, cut them out, and pop the appropriate one into the frame each month!

You can lay them flat when your baby is still young and prop them up when your baby starts to sit or stand.

I specifically like this set of milestone cards with a white back drop like a blanket or sheet.

Purchase and download these light green floral milestone cards here.

I hope that you enjoy and preserve treasured memories of your baby’s monthly growth – however you choose to do so!


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Baby Milestone CardsBaby Month Stickers Alternative 2









Baby Milestone Cards To Print In An Elegant Floral Design