Hobbies After Having A Baby – Find Yours And Start Today!

Hobbies for moms can be a sanity saving thing. Whether it’s crafting something to decorate the home or going for a run, spending a little bit of “me” time enjoying an activity can go a long way for moms who are pouring themselves out for their kids. A little taste of homemaking hobbies, crafty hobbies, or any other daytime hobby mixed into a mom’s life can help a mom feel less frazzled and drained.

If you are looking for hobbies after having a baby or are on the hunt for hobbies for moms in their 50s, look no further! This list of hobbies for moms is for any woman who is looking for a new passion to add into their routine – whether your children are less than one or grown and out of the house.

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I hit a hobby crisis after my first baby was born. I had been working full time up until her birth but after she was born my husband and I decided that I would stay home with our children. I’m so glad we were able to make this choice, but it was a huge shock to my system to suddenly be stuck at home nursing a baby, changing diapers, and soothing cries all day instead of applying my brain and skill set at the office. My days felt so mundane.

I had enjoyed hobbies in the past, but with a newborn and the change of pace it brought to my life most of them seemed too hard to devote the needed energy and time to – so I began to pursue some new ones! It really helped me to find more enjoyment in my days at home. I started by writing a book and eventually moved from that to starting this blog. It’s not only become something that I really love to do, but it’s one of those hobbies for stay at home moms to make money doing as well! Running my blog has been fulfilling and extremely enjoyable for me and has blessed my family financially as well.

If you are stuck in a rut like I was and feeling the need for some bored stay at home mom ideas (or working mom ideas) to turn into a hobby, then consider some of the ideas in the list below! I surveyed several moms in my social media circles to determine what hobbies they enjoyed and paired all of the ideas with some resources to get you started in each hobby.

If you find a hobby you think you’d enjoy, give it a go! You never know what you might end up really finding a passion for.

Hobbies For Moms – The Big List Of Ideas & Resources:

  • Knit/Crochet – If the idea of making your own scarves, blankets, hot pads, hats and more appeals to you then knitting or crocheting could be a good fit for you! You can get started with minimal supplies and some instruction from Knitting 101 from the Spruce Crafts here. They also have a beginner’s guide for how to crochet here.
  • Painting – Painting can be a very relaxing hobby and great way to unwind from the chaos of kids! You can find a lot of online courses to help you learn with different types of paint at SkillShare. Check out one of their courses that is a Complete Guide To Your First Acrylic Painting. There is some upfront investment in supplies to begin to paint, but it can last you through several paintings once you get going!
  • Crafting – Crafting is a wide category, but that’s because part of the fun of crafting is how open-ended it is! If you are a creative soul, there is no limit to what you can create if you take on crafting as a hobby. Some moms enjoy decorating and re-purposing wine bottles, some enjoy making soaps or bath bombs, and some enjoy crafting wreaths or wooden signs – there’s so many things you can create! If crafting sounds like a hobby that’s up your alley, check out some of these DIY project ideas for beginners here.
  • Scrapbooking – Scrapbooking is a fun way to preserve your family memories for your kiddos while letting your creative juices flow. It’s a mix of memory collecting and crafting. If you’re not sure where to get started taking on a new scrapbook project, Scrapbook.com offers a great guide on the basics of beginning a scrapbook here.
  • Gardening – It may feel like an overwhelming hobby idea if you’ve never undertaken it before, but gardening can be a fun activity to get yourself outside and enjoying some fresh air. As added perks, you gain grocery supplies right from your yard and your kids can help you with it! If you don’t know where to start you can find a great guide for how to start a garden from Common Sense Home here.
  • Coloring – Coloring for adults is a newer trend. It can be a really relaxing activity if you love creating finished artwork but don’t enjoy sketching your own picture. You can find a bunch of free coloring pages for adults here from Sarah Titus. Just print them and grab some colored pencils or markers!
  • Graphic Design – Graphic design has a relatively high learning curve, but it depends on what you desire to create or how advanced you want your designs to be. If you want to enjoy it as a very casual hobby and just create some things for your family and home, you can do a lot with Canva for free! It has a wide range of capabilities and is relatively easy to learn and use. If you want to take your hobby to the next level and create some really stunning printables, stationary, posters, and more you may want to dive into learning Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Skillshare offers a bunch of options for learning artistic programs and techniques, including this getting started with Photoshop class taught by a certified Adobe instructor.
  • Planners – Turning a planner into a creative outlet has become a new trend! With fun stickers, different template pages, and the ability to move pages around in some planners you can have a lot fun keeping your family and schedule organized. One of the popular creative planners is the Happy Planner. Happy Planner offers three different sizes of planners, all kinds of different designs and extension packs, and a huge variety of fun stickers and accessories. If jumping in feels overwhelming, you can find some great tips on how to get started using a Happy Planner from Club Crafted here.
  • Pen Pals – Did you have a pen pal as a kid? You can have one as an adult too! Writing a pen pal can be a really fun way to stay in touch with a friend or even learn about a completely different culture or region of the world. You don’t have to already know your pen pal! You can find a snail mail pen pal to connect with here.
  • Upcycling – If the idea of making something beautiful and functional out of something discarded gets you excited, then you would probably love to upcycle! There’s a wide range of what you can create and a lot of it depends on what your starting materials are, but you can learn more about the tools you need and types of things to upcycle in this short guide. Youtube is also a great place for specific tutorials on how to accomplish various parts of your specific upcycling project!
  • Photography – It can be expensive to purchase a good camera, but if you have a keen eye for design and love to capture moments, people, and nature then photography might be a great hobby for you! There are a lot of courses and resources for learning photography online, including a beginner photography course with 10 lessons to get you started here. If you develop your craft enough you can even make money with photography by taking pictures for weddings, families, and other life events or selling stock photography online.
  • Sewing – Sewing is a hobby that also requires some patience, but if you can follow instructions/patterns and have a good eye for detail then sewing might be a great fit for you! You can make anything from bags and clothing to quilts. You will need to purchase a sewing machine and some material, but the machine should keep you happily sewing for at least a couple of years! You can find a great online guide to getting started here and many local sewing or craft stores offer classes that you can enroll in.
  • Writing – Writing can be a relaxing hobby and excellent way to express your voice or capture memories. You can write anything from elaborate fantasy stories to memoirs, plays, poetry, or short stories. There are even contests you can submit your work to to try to earn monetary prizes! Or you can even aim to publish a book! Writing is an easy nap-time hobby. If you want to take on writing a book and don’t know where to start, Jerry Jenkins offers 20 steps on how to write a book here.
  • Blogging – If you like to write and design graphics and also want to find a hobby that can make you some money, blogging might be a good choice! There is a learning curve to get started, but if you stick with it you CAN make money while also enjoying some graphic design, writing, and marketing/business administration. If blogging interests you, you can read all the details about how to get started and begin earning money blogging here.
  • Cricut – Craft cutting is a new trend that I am starting to see all over Pinterest. It could fall under crafting but also includes a bit of a mechanical element. If this is up your alley check out this beginner’s guide from Vinyl Cutting Machines on how to use a Cricut.
  • Reading – There’s no learning curve required for this one! Just grab a book, sit back, relax and enjoy! There’s a huge range of topics or types of books you can jump into – from romances or fantasy to non-fiction “life” books or how to guides.
  • Running/Workouts – If you enjoy being active, then working a regular running or workout time into your day may satisfy your craving for an activity to indulge in and give you added health benefits and an endorphin boost! You can even find workouts free on youtube if you want to jump into them without even leaving your house! There are video workouts of all different lengths and intensities on Youtube, including some mommy and me ones that you can do with your little one if you have an infant!
  • Puzzles – Puzzles can make a great hobby if you are patient – and puzzles come in all varieties. Try classic jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, or Sudoku if you’re into adding a mathematical factor. Did you know that you can even complete jigsaw puzzles on your tablet or phone with an app? If you are (or want to become) a puzzle lover, you can keep your kiddos from scattering pieces or destroying your progress by completing puzzles digitally with this app.
  • Musical Instruments – If you’ve played in the past this is an easy hobby to pick up, but if you’ve never played an instrument it can come with a high learning curve (and sometimes high expense). However, it’s not difficult to pick up some beginner guitar! You can even learn with online classes like these that you can try free!

Especially if you are a new mother struggling with how to be a happy stay at home mom, I hope these ideas help you find an outlet of your own to enjoy in your day!

If you are a mom of any working status or age, I hope these ideas point you to a passion to help you relax from the stress of life and enjoy some precious “me” time!

Happy hobby hunting!

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