Baby Monthly Milestone Cards In Pink & Teal

Baby milestone cards are a fun accessory to help you document and share your baby’s growth throughout their first year of life. These pink and teal milestone baby photo cards are a crisp and contemporary design to help you take memorable monthly photos of your little one. These cards are a printable design, so you can access them immediately. All you have to do is download, print, and cut them out!

With baby milestone cards you don’t have to worry about whether your little one has their torso twisted or is yanking off a belly sticker. They are a cheap and adorable way to capture your baby’s monthly growth.

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I especially like the look of these baby milestone cards in a black frame. The frame gives them a polished look when they are laid beside your baby in the very early months and also lets you prop them up next to your baby once they graduate to sitting or standing for their photos.

These pink and teal baby milestone cards are 4×6 inches each so they fit great in any 4×6 photo frame that you may have sitting around the house. If you don’t have one laying around, the frame used in the picture above is this IKEA one from Amazon. It’s a basic cheap black frame that works great for snapping polished monthly baby photos!

Because I can’t resist it, here’s a few more photos of my sweet little one modeling with the 4 month milestone card. (She is actually a week away from 5 months in these photos, so a little bit ahead of where one would be when using the 4 month card.)

Milestone Baby Photo Cards  Baby Month Cards For Photos  Baby Month Cards For Photos


Celebrate Your Baby Girl’s Monthly Growth With These Baby Month Cards For Photos!


Baby Milestone Cards Printable

When you purchase, the baby milestone cards template that you will have immediate access to download features a design for each month from 1 month to 12 months old. The cards print to standard 8.5×11 computer paper with two cards on each page. They will need to be cut out to be used or framed.

Below is an overview of the design for each of the baby month cards:

Milestone Baby Photo Cards

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Baby Milestone Cards

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Baby Monthly Milestone Cards In Pink & Teal