Baby Sleep Time Details From Birth Through 1 Year Old

Finding the baby sleep schedule that keeps your little one happy and well rested can be a difficult task. Baby sleep patterns by age can be vastly different so it helps to reference information specifically for the age of your infant.

When we had our first daughter I buried myself in blogs reading about how other moms structured their baby’s days in regards to feedings, sleep, and activity times. Baby sleep time is precious and I was so grateful to learn from the information that other moms shared to help develop routines that worked for our new baby.

Since I was so served by the information that other moms shared I wanted to share my own baby sleep routine details when I started my blog – just in case it helps another mom like me out there! Over the years I have shared details about both of my daughters’ infant routines.

However, it occurred to me that I’ve never pulled it all together in one place to make it easy for readers to find the details relevant to the age of their individual child.

So… here it is!

Below are links to baby sleep schedule samples from our daughters for birth through year one. These schedules include all of the details of when we did feedings, bedtimes, morning wake times, naps, and awake/activity times. I tried to also include with each one details about specific sleep or behavior challenges we faced as well as information about growth spurts or other factors that disrupted the routines at any point.

It is my hope that reading about our days and experiences serves you as you build your own baby’s routine!

Baby Sleep Routine Samples By Age:

If you have a little one that is over a year old you can also read the details of our daughter’s toddler schedule in this post that outlines her 14 month – 2 year old routine. (Her schedule from 12 months to 14 months basically stayed the same as her 6-12 month routine.)

The above links are the feeding, sleep, and awake times that we followed to keep our family sane through the infant months. They are just a reference point. There is no perfect cookie cutter for every family!

Following these schedules and implementing some other baby sleep tips you can read about here did help both of our girls to sleep through the night for 11-12 hours straight pretty consistently from 4 months old on. In our experience, settling into a good sleep routine during the day contributed to good overnight sleep as well – but you have to find a rhythm that’s right for your family.

(If you’re struggling with overnight sleep, you can also find more information about baby sleep training methods in this article from Today’s Parent.)

Baby Sleep Chart


Baby Sleep Time Details From Birth Through 1 Year Old