Birthday & Christmas Gift Ideas For A 4 Year Old Girl

Finding the best gift for a 4 year old little girl can be a difficult task. There are so many toys, activities, and accessories on the market that it can be overwhelming to figure out what a 4 year old would get excited about! If you’re having trouble figuring out what to get a 4 year old girl for her birthday or Christmas, then I’m so glad you stumbled across my post!

Our oldest daughter just turned 4 this month. It was a fun birthday for us to shop for gifts for since at 4 years old there are so many more long-term toy options to consider. She’s not just into the generally appealing baby toys anymore where as long as it’s bright, makes noises, and is chew-proof it’s a hit. She has more interest in items that we can buy portions of for one birthday or Christmas and continue to build her collection of or accessories for later. So it was fun to peruse the shelves and envision our daughter’s reaction to each item as we decided on a few gifts to get her.

If you’re shopping for good gifts for a 4 year old, this post is a list of my recommendations! Some are items we or another family member actually purchased for our daughter and some are just items that I know she loves or would love at her current age. Every child has different interests, but I hope this list helps to guide you in finding just the right gift for the little girl in your life!

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase through one of my links I make a commission on your purchase – at no additional expense to you! Read my full disclosure here.

My Top Gifts For A 4 Year Old Girl

1. Barbies & Barbie Accessories

Our 4 year old daughter LOVES barbies. We got her a few full-sized ones and this super fun barbie closet with additional accessories and clothing for her birthday. She has a blast changing their clothing and organizing all of their little things in the closet. As a bonus, the whole closet is really easy to pick up and transport so its a fun toy for her to take on the go if we’re going to be away from home.

Individual Barbies are really inexpensive and it’s a gift that you can keep adding accessories to over the years!

Check out some of our favorite barbies and accessory items with the Amazon links below. (Make sure you note if you are buying any extra shoes for a Barbie that some have flat feet and some have “high-heel” feet! We learned that as we were picking out our gift selections for our daughter.)

Surfer Barbie
Fashionista Barbie
Barbie Closet
Barbie Shoes

2. Woodzeez & Accessories

Our 4 year old daughter loves any toy that she can call her “kid” and play with like a little person. We got her a set of adorable Woodzeez owls and a cute little Woodzeez cottage house for her when she was 3 and she adored them. They have remained one of her favorite toys into her fourth year, so her grandparents got her another set of Woodzeez bears and a little travel house that she can carry like a suitcase to take them on the go. She loves it!

You can check out the Woodzies our daughter loves with the links below. You can also find all kinds of additional accessories and critters at Target.

Woodzeez Owl Family
Woodzeez Bear Family
Woodzeez Cottage
Woodzeez Travel House

3. Craft/Coloring Supplies

Our 4 year old LOVES crafts and coloring. It’s one of her favorite activities and is relatively low-cost to support! Craft and coloring supplies can be a great gift idea since kids do run out of the supplies over time. Our 4 year old loves everything from basic coloring tools like crayons and blank paper to more special “big girl” crafting items like a glue stick, pipe cleaners, foam cut-outs, or her children’s scissors.

If the 4 year old you’re shopping for doesn’t already have a variety of crafting items, you can also buy whole sets of children’s craft supplies like this one to set them up for all kinds of different projects!

Below are links to a few of the basic craft supplies that our daughter enjoys, but there are SO many options out there. Purchase on Amazon or check out your local Walmart, Target, Michaels Arts & Crafts, or even the grocery store!

Washable Markers
Children’s Scissors
Glue Stick
Construction Paper
Coloring Books
Craft Set

4. Digital Coloring Pad

If the 4 year old that you’re shopping for loves to color, then these fun digital coloring pads are another great gift idea! I didn’t know these existed until my sister-in-law was asking what to get our daughter for her birthday and I stumbled across them on Amazon. Our daughter calls it her “Ipad” to color on and it’s extremely nice to take along any time we’re traveling on the road!

There are many similar types of these digital coloring pads out there but basically, a child can just color whatever they want on it and simply push the button on the pad to erase it and start over when they’re done.

They’re also extremely affordable! You can purchase them on Amazon here.

5. A Bike & Helmet

If the 4 year old you’re shopping for has outgrown her tricycle, then a girl’s bike is another great gift idea! Our daughter was given one by friends of ours and is so excited for the independence of riding a “big girl bike” all on her own. She was given a 14 inch bike and it seems like a great size for her right now and to grow into for a year or two. For a 4 year old just make sure to purchase a bike with training wheels or get some training wheels to add on or they most likely won’t be able to get too far!

(Also be sure to be safe and make sure that they have a helmet to wear while they ride!)

You can find a big selection of bikes on Amazon here and girls helmets here – or visit a local bike store, sporting goods store, Walmart, or Target. 

6. Play Makeup

Our daughter loves watching me put on makeup (on the rare occasions that I do!) and enjoys trying to put a little bit on herself. This play makeup kit was an idea that we had for her birthday and know she would love but will probably save for a Christmas gift. It comes with all kinds of little makeup containers that are kid-friendly and all the makeup is supposed to be super washable. I’m sure it still makes a decent mess, but I know our 4 year old daughter would get hours of fun out of it, and at least it’s all washable in the end! 

You can purchase this fun toddler makeup kit here.

7. Basic Card Or Board Games

Our 4 year old daughter has been enjoying Candy Land for the last year or so but is just getting to a point where she can understand and play some other games so we got her a cheap set of basic card games like Go Fish and Old Maid for her birthday. (We actually found the set at the Dollar Store!) If the 4 year old you’re shopping for doesn’t already have a collection, games could make a great gift idea!

Here are a few age-appropriate ones that our daughter has enjoyed or we are hoping to teach her!

Candy Land
Chutes And Ladders
Old Maid, Go Fish, Matching Game, & More!

8. Clothes, Shoes, Or Accessories

It must run in the blood of girls from a very young age because our 4 year old daughter loves new clothing, shoes, and accessories. Her grandma is great at picking out these types of items for her and she loved getting a pile of dresses and new shoe options for her birthday! Toys bring a different kind of fun, but clothing and accessories can be a great (and practical!) gift idea for a 4 year old girl.

You can shop for clothing and accessories for a 4 year old girl at most any clothing store but don’t forget to check your local consignment stores or yard sales for really low priced items! Not all 4 year olds will be in the same size clothing, but our 4 year old daughter was going into size 5T clothing by her 4th birthday and wore size 11 shoes.

9. A Baby Doll & Accessories

Our daughter already had a baby doll and accessories prior to her fourth birthday but if the little girl you’re shopping for doesn’t they are a great gift idea! Our 4 year old loves to dress her baby doll, take it on walks, feed it, and carry it around with her. Her grandma gave her a Bitty Baby for Christmas and it even has eyes that close and open and a whole line of clothing and accessories that fit.

You can find Bitty babies and their accessories on Amazon as well as some of our other favorite baby doll accessories below:

Bitty Baby
Bitty Baby Clothing
Baby Doll Stroller
Baby Doll Pack N’ Play
Baby Doll Carseat

10. Dress-up Clothes

Our 4 year old LOVES to dress up as a princess. Her uncle gave her a Cinderella princess dress for her birthday and she wore it the entire next day and made a point to show every neighbor that passed by her beautiful dress! She loves dressing up in anything sparkly and princess-like including dresses, shoes, jewelry, and crowns.

You can find all kinds of fun dress-up items on Amazon here.

11. A Play Kitchen

Our 4 year old daughter loves to “cook” for her toys and sometimes for my husband and I! A play kitchen is a great gift to encourage little kids to use their imaginations and it brings fun for many years. It’s also another gift idea that is easy to continue buying accessories for over the years (though both of our girls love just playing with my empty cooking bottles or containers in their kitchen!)

We have this adorable kitchen from IKEA which does require some assembly, but there are a ton of different options out there. You can check out many of them on Amazon here.

12. A Doll House

Our 4 year old loves to imagine that her toys are little people themselves with little people’s needs. She’s constantly putting her toys to bed in their cribs, giving them baths in a bowl, or sticking band-aids on their owies. We recently found an adorable little wooden doll house by Melissa & Doug at a yard sale and she has been absolutely attached to it – putting everything to bed from her small barbie to her Matchbox cars. 

Dollhouses come in all shapes and styles so it’s a gift that you can go big with or keep cute and small depending on the personality of the little girl you’re shopping for.

You can find the little Melissa & Doug house that our daughter enjoys on Amazon here. You can also browse all kinds of different options on Amazon here or check out your local Target, Walmart, or toy store.

13. Books

You can’t go wrong with books for a 4 year old girl! Our daughter loves to flip through the pages of her books and pretends to read them – taking in all of the fun pictures. She also has some books that include characters from TV shows that she enjoys so she loves reliving the stories from the shows through the characters in her books.

Our 4 year old girl is not at all picky about which books she has to read. They all engage her pretty well, but below are links to a few of our favorites for her age:

Berenstain Bears Series
Doc McStuffins Disney Books
Little Quack Series
The Jesus Storybook Bible
Ladybug Girl Series
Little Golden Books

14. A Doctor Kit

Our 4 year old daughter loves to doctor everything she can get her hands on – me, her sister, her toy cars, and more. Her toys are covered in fake owies or recovering from stomach bugs! A simple doctor kit can bring a lot of fun to a 4 year old who loves imaginary play. (And if you want to be super cheap – even a big box of BandAids can bring hours of fun to a 4 year old! Our daughter got a huge box of assorted BandAids from her aunt last year and she can’t get enough of plastering them on her toys and sister. They were a big hit!)

You can get doctor kits with a really nice variety of “tools” in them at your local Walmart, Target, or toy store or you can find them on Amazon here. (Some even have accessories that light up!)

15. Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks or large Legos are a great toy for a 4 year old girl! Our daughter loves to have me help her create houses for her toys out of them. She also likes to attempt to build things with them on her own. They’re great for creative play and developing motor skills – and as an added bonus Mega Bloks are a toy that 4 year olds can continue to grow into for several more years! 

We have a set of girl-colored Mega Bloks like these that both of our daughters love. You can find all kinds of different sets and colors though. Check out more of the selections on Amazon here.

16. Stuffed Animals

What little girl doesn’t love stuffed animals? Our 4 year old is as obsessed with them as ever. She loves any new cuddly creature but especially loves any that she can dress up!

Build-A-Bear is a great option for a 4-year-old girl as each Build-A-Bear stuffed creature can be personalized with a name and accessorized with a ton of different clothing, shoe, and activity pieces. Taking a 4 year old girl along with you to Build-A-Bear to get her gift is also an extra special experience that she will treasure! At the store she will be able to select which teddy bear or animal that she wants to create, watch them stuff it, name it, give it a bath, and pick out accessories for it herself.

Some other great options for stuffed animals include Ty Beanie Babies. (Our daughters play with a collection of my Ty Beanie Baby animals from when I was a kid and they LOVE them!)

17. A Backpack

A backpack might seem too practical to be fun for a 4 year old girl, but our daughter just recently graduated to wearing a kid-sized (and not toddler) backpack and is super excited about it. She loves packing all of her favorite toys at any given moment into it for traveling and, as an added bonus, it will be great for her to use when she starts school in the near future!

You can get some really cute little girl backpacks on Amazon here. (If you really want to make the gift extra special, you can also consider getting their name or another special phrase embroidered onto the backpack!)

18. A Play Tent

I picked up a play tent at a discount grocery store several months ago not even knowing exactly what it was, but both of our girls LOVE it. If you feel like the 4 year old girl you’re shopping for already has it all when it comes to toys and accessories, consider getting her a play tent! Unlike a “real” camping tent, play tents don’t need to be staked down, are extremely easy to put up, and come in indoor-friendly sizes and fun designs. They can bring hours of fun as a 4 year old imagines it into all kinds of things and involves her toys or siblings.

Check out some of the cute options on Amazon here.

19. A Soccer Ball

Getting a 4 year old girl a gift that encourages her to exercise and get fresh air is definitely a win! If the little girl you’re shopping for doesn’t already have one, a soccer ball is a great accessory to get her started with understanding organized sports, help her work on her coordination, and let her run some of her energy out.

Keep in mind when you’re shopping that soccer balls come in various sizes for youth and adults. According to the appropriate size for a child under the age of 8 is size 3.

You can find a bunch of fun size 3 soccer ball options on Amazon here.

20. A Sled

Especially if you’re shopping for a Christmas gift for a 4 year old little girl, a sled is a budget-friendly and extremely fun option! 4 year olds are at a great age to enjoy sledding and if they live in an area that gets snow around the Christmas season this gift option could be a huge hit. There are all different kinds of sleds our there, but keep in mind the family’s storage space and whether it would be best for the child to have a single-person sled that they can ride on their own or one with room for an adult, sibling, or friend to ride along. (Where storage space is limited, inflatable sleds are a great option!)

Here are a few sled options to consider for a 4 year old:

Roll-up flat sled
Toboggan snow sled (Great for an adult to ride with a child!)
A fun snow tube
Inflatable snow bodyboard
& More!

These are my top ideas of gifts that I know would delight our 4 year old daughter. I hope that they help to give you ideas as you’re shopping for a special 4 year old girl! One thing of note with gifts for our 4 year old is that sometimes the simplest gifts are the most treasured so don’t overthink your purchase. On the morning of her birthday we gave our daughter a set of little lined notepads from the dollar store as a small gift just to start her morning and she was DELIGHTED with them. She’s also a flower lover and LOVED a bouquet of beautiful flowers that her grandma gave her to keep on her nightstand next to her bed. It really is the thought that counts. However, I know that each of the items listed above is or would be treasured by our 4 year old girl!

Are you looking for some fun experiences and projects to share with a 4 year old in addition to gifts? Make sure you check out my posts on how to make paper beads with toddlers, how to create your own board game to get the wiggles out, or my list of 18 inexpensive things to do at home with toddlers!

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The Best Christmas Gifts For A 4 Year Old Girl